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Full Service

Selecting Full Service means choosing maximum profit with minimum effort. Provided it is suitable for this option, your accommodation will be displayed not only on our portals (including EuroRelais.nl and Casamundo.de), but also on our 40-plus thematic websites and on our tour operator websites (including Belvilla.com, Ardennes-Relais.nl and JulesVillas.co.uk).


If you opt for our Self Service program, our international customer base is available to you from behind your desk. Who you want to rent out to is entirely up to you. You'll get access to our user-friendly online software to manage your properties and administer your bookings. Advertise on Casamundo, and attract bookings from all over Europe. EuroRelais has no Self Service program. If you opt for our Self Service program on Casamundo, your accommodation will be displayed on Casamundo and EuroRelais.